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Lineup Cards
To use or not to use

here are a few officials in the St. Louis area who like the lineup card. They've learned how to keep the match moving. But for the most part, they are the exception, not the norm.

Sometimes when the umpire uses the lineup, he pays more attention to it than to the play. I have had officials looking at the card during a play! They would have the pen in one hand and card in the other. The play would be over, and then they would have to make the signals with their hands full. They also take up to 30 seconds to get a sub in the match. This is way too long! A time out is one minute. When they take 30 seconds just to get the subs in, you have given the coach another time out. If you become a part of the game in that way, YOU are helping a team to control the match.

To use lineup cards

The first time that I was honored to work the Girls' Missouri State Championship, we were required to use the lineup card. I had already been trained to work without it. I was working college and some USAV. I was trained to know who the setters were and their opposites. We will talk about that later.


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