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Jim Dandy to the Rescue
I am born

One giant clinic for me

The story begins in July, 2005. I was conned into taking my young friend, Javi Cantu, to a state volleyball clinic in San Antonio. While there would be a clinic in our neck of the woods, he said, "Carl, I can't make that one, so I'll pay the gasoline."

Five hours after leaving Edinburg we were checking in at the clinic site. "Hey, I think you should work volleyball," Javi said. "You have to attend a clinic, here you are, it's only $20, and you'll make it back in a hurry. Easy money, baby. Easy money."

I had to wait two hours anyway, so I figured what the heck and ponied up a double sawbuck. Little did I know. 

What she said

The clinician said there were some major changes in NFHS rules. I've said that plenty of times in my career as a clinician. That was the last time she and I touched. She mentioned, not necessarily in this order:

  • a block is not a hit
  • simultaneous contact is one hit
  • a joust
  • a forearm pass
  • a dump
  • Continued...

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