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Officials with Terrible Attitudes — Part II

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  Officials with Terrible Attitudes — Part II

After the negative conversation that closed out Part I, I was sure my assignor would decide he had no further need of my services. I was mistaken.

Peter's a bad boy

We agreed that I would only work when he ran out of officials. I agreed to attend the Fed rules clinic and sit for the Fed exam. When I went to the Fed test, I informed those sitting around me that I was there under duress. I told them that I hated the game, hated the players, and really hated the coaches. Much to my surprise, two of them took me aside and agreed with my assessment of officiating high school volleyball.

I will be the first to agree that I belong nowhere near a volleyball court. My attitude is absolutely toxic. I guess it is proof that the officials' shortage is so desperate that an assignor would risk someone like me representing his business. I would go further to state that the teams might be better off with no officials than to have someone as antagonistic as me on the court.

When I do baseball, I almost always feel that despite any mistakes I might have made, I officiated better than the teams played. In volleyball, I often feel that the teams played better than I can officiate. It's embarrassing, and it has to be noticeable to the players and fans.


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